At Frame Align we provide an efficient frame measuring service for you or your workshop. Our technician is experienced, fully qualified and equipped with the latest in frame measuring technology. The measurement takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes and you will receive a Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate. Our database has an extensive range of index data on a wide number of modern and classic bikes, covering over 1300 different models. On most bikes the measurement can be completed without disassembling, even on sports bikes.

Why would I need this service?

After an accident

  • For your personal safety - A distorted steering head angle and therefore changed castor is one of the reasons for high speed wobbling.

  • As documentation for insurers and surveyors - After the insurance has settled, it is difficult to make further claims e.g. a bent frame

  • To provide documental validity when selling a used bike -  Arguments concerning the condition of the frame or chassis will be avoided by providing documentary proof.

  • Because it's long been standard practise in the automotive branch - Wheel alignment measurement of accident damaged cars is routine practise in nearly every workshop.

Before starting repairs or restoration work

  • To exclude the possibility of a false investment - Checking the frame geometry is the first requirement before ordering lots of expensive spare parts.

When buying a used bike

  • For your personal safety - Minor accident traces are often found on used bikes. To determine precisely the extent of the damage, a measurement printout is required.

When experiencing handling problems

  • As an important element in determining the fault - Defects in frame geometry are easily and quickly detectable with the frame gauges of Scheibner Measuring Technology. Consequently Expensive and time consuming replacement of parts and test drives are avoided.

Riding on a Highway
sample certificate for website1024_1.jpg


This is a sample of the certificate you will receive after the measurement is complete. It shows data provided from the manufacturer and how your bike measures against that data. You are able to clearly see the variations and therefore the condition of your bike.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to explain further.